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Previously operated for the Walberton Action Group,
Formed in 1995 and disbanded 2012, Walberton Action Group (WAG) was a body which worked in conjunction with the Parish Council and other bodies to try to ensure that the main attributes that make Walberton the pleasant village it is, were retained or extended.

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Latest news

 Police consultation with the local community has identified the following concerns in our neighbourhood connected to crime. The first which has been dealt with by myself in this column many times is the new scam crimes which prey on the trusting nature of the elderly in particular. It is an abhorrent crime and is increasing unfortunately year by year. There are special police departments now designated to solving this particular crime and they are determined to cut the numbers down dramatically with new equipment and techniques. The courts will come down hard on perpetrators found guilty. These crimes can only be solved however if reported and the police urge every resident to inform the police if they have suffered a scam phone call, email or letter.
Also of concern is the theft from vehicles left in rural car parks. An amazing number are left insecure with valuables inside. The action taken by the police has been messaging to the social media and local publications. Posters and leaflets have been issued to many car parks and the community have been advised to report any suspicious behaviour. PCSO Dixon has also been patrolling the car parks when possible to advise walkers to be vigilant and adhere to the advice given by the police. I have just had reports of a handbag being stolen from the boot of a car in Slindon Wood on the 3rd May and this is just one of many such examples.
There are also an increasing number of doorstep traders and although many can be quite legitimate there are others who are there to “con” the unfortunate recipient. Homeowners may not be sure of the goods or service offered but they don’t want to seem rude by declining the caller. Remember it is your doorstep, so it is your decision. Below are some of the reasons that may be given for not making an instant purchase and we all should have the confidence to say to the caller:
“I do not buy goods or services at the door”

“I’d like more time to think about it”
“I want to shop around and get other quotes”
“I have to discuss it with someone else” eg. Partner, son or daughter
If the caller gets unpleasant just threaten to call the police and close the door.

Lastly on 18th – 19th April the picnic bench by Walberton Pond was again wrenched out of it’s concrete holding base and moved 12 ft. ! No more comment in required !

Laurie King
Neighbourhood Watch Village Co-ordinator
April 2015



Superfast Broadband

West Sussex County Council has been working on plans to enable better and faster broadband across the county. Their aim is that the majority of residents and businesses in West Sussex will be able to access superfast, fibre-based broadband services by Spring 2016. Openreach, BT’s local network business, is carrying out the necessary geographical survey work for the county council to challenge or confirm assumptions about how and where the telecommunications network can be built. This work is being done in eight overlapping phases and is almost complete for areas in phase one. Walberton, Fontwell and Binsted are due to be surveyed in phase two, between now and May. You may well see engineers and surveyors in the area, but this does not necessarily mean that superfast broadband speeds will be available soon. The council needs to analyse the results of the survey before any decision about when and how to roll out the improved service can be made.

WSCC has created a website, with an interactive map, to give more information about the roll out of the superfast broadband service. The address is www.westsussex-betterconnected.org.uk

Let's Get Walberton a Decent Broadband Service!

Picture of Millenium Map
 This map was created at the turn of the century by the people of Walberton to display the things they liked most about the parish. The Map hangs in the Village Small Hall.

  A picture and description of the map are included in the West Sussex County Council's book A Sense of Place published in 2006 and now available from public libraries at £15.00 a copy.

The Parish News is available online Click here This is a big file please be patient

Walberton History Group

Interactive Millennium Map

In 2000 some village residents produced the Millennium Map pictured above and some of these went on to form the Walberton History Group.

Since then the History Group has collected a growing number of archives relating to the village and this site is intended to make a few of these available for general use.

These featured places are indicated as "Hot Spots" and are located by moving the cursor around the map

We have also used the Millennium Map coordinates to indicate the location of the places included. It is divided into squares lettered A to K from left to right and 1 to 7 from top to bottom.

Click here to see it in action   Interested in local history? Click here for the  History Group pages


Bus Changes to Bognor Regis

Compass Travel 66/66A/67 Bognor Regis to Yapton and Walberton/North Felpham Transferred from Stagecoach under new contract from West Sussex County Council. Service 66 improved to run approximately hourly during the daytime and no longer running via Glenwood Estate

Departure times from Walberton Old Vicarage will be: 0743 (M-F) 1728 (Sat) 0851 1008 1108 1208 1308 1408 1513 1618 1718 1823


Press here for the opening times of the Parish Council office.

Walberton - The Place

(1) A brief description of the village as it is today.

There is a very active history group in the village.
Click here for more information.
Among other work it has produced a A description of all those houses that formed the village 100 years ago with photos of them as they are today. If a walk down The Street is intended a print of this makes the walk much more interesting.
Also the Worthing Archaeological Society has found Binsted (Part of the Civil Parish of Walberton) a source of exciting finds. Click here for reports and photos

(3) Conservation
The Parish Council plans to install the Jubilee Wood on the edge of the Golf Course this spring. For details about the Walberton Task Force please contact John Heathcote. 

Dustbin Day
A link to the Arun District web site where the refuse collection days are given if you enter your post code.

(5) The Weather Forecast
The Meteorological Dept., site. Click on the area of interest on the map. A list of towns in the area will appear, click on the nearest one to get a forecast for the day and the 4 following days.
What to do in Walberton

(1) Parish Diary. A calendar for the current month.

(2) A list of more than 30 clubs, societies, and other organisations in Walberton with contact information.
Links to their web pages are given where possible.

(3) The school in Walberton has an excellent name and now has it's own very useful web site - click here.

(4) Walberton Village is fortunate to have a good range of shops.

(5) Walberton Village is also fortunate to have a couple of good Farmer's Markets within a few miles. (Not forgetting the Walberton Village Market)

(6) To get Mobile Library dates and times click here. Then scroll down to the Walberton Locations, dates and times. This page is in the WSCC web site.

(7) Six Walks about Walberton. There are walks for everyone. They range from 1 to 8 miles in length.

The walks can be downloaded and printed if you want to use them for walking. Alternatively the booklet is available from the Post Office,
rrp 2.00GBP.


Click for a map of the village centre.

Where to Stay

(1) Bed and Breakfast in Walberton.
Click to view the accommodation available.

Transport around Walberton

(1) Bus Services. Besides the main bus route there are several other services including a community minibus. The schedules of all of them are given.

(2) This gives easy access to railway timetables. We travel by train to avoid driving and parking in busy towns and were surprised to find how many towns can be reached from Barnham with one, or no, changes.

Walberton Village Hall

. Both our main and small halls are fully equipped for all types of social event. With its pleasant outlook Walberton Village Hall could be just the venue for you.

. We have ample free parking, a reception area, central heating, stage, PA system, hearing aid loop and fully equipped kitchens.
For further information please contact Mary Kendrick.
Phone 01243 543500 (mobile 07855 970 053)
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